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Shrine of the Pines

You won’t want to miss the magnificent Shrine of the Pines in Baldwin. The “Shrine” was the log home of Baldwin woodcarver Raymond W. Overholzer, and today it houses his incredible lifetime of work. The cabins and furnishings he hand-built on this site were his personal tribute to the state tree, the great white pine. His dinner table was carved from a 700 pound white pine stump, and has a complete matched set of chairs made from white pine roots. Among the many pieces of hand-carved furniture is a rocking chair that is so perfectly balanced it rocks 55 times with a single "start"! On the west wall, a majestic stone fireplace rises like a monument to this wonderful collection of ingenious art and handmade artifacts. You have to see it to believe it!










Iron's St. Bernard's Christmas Exhibit in downtown Iron

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